GMT011: Bennett Fitzgibbon – Former Head of Marketing at Turnstyle

In today’s episode, we have Bennett Fitzgibbon, the former director of marketing at Turnstyle Solutions before it was acquired by Yelp. He helped facilitate growth using a marketing strategy that focused primarily on nurturing and lead generation. The University of Calgary graduate was also marketing manager at Yelp WiFi for 4 months. Currently, he is the digital marketing manager at Microdea Inc.

“Measure everything that you do so that you can manage it.” – Bennett Fitzgibbon

What You’ll Learn In This Episode
  1. The processes and frameworks that helped contribute to Turnstyle’s acquisition by Yelp (the things he did to make Turnstyle stand out)
  2. The growth campaign that really moved the needle for Turnstyle
  3. The kind of mentorship and programs from 500 Startups that took their growth and marketing to the next level
Some Quotes From This Episode

“The best thing to help me grow professionally and personally would be to challenge myself with something that I’m not so comfortable with.“-Bennett Fitzgibbon

“At the end of the day, as much as we all want to be data-driven, you do need to go with your guts sometimes.”-Bennett Fitzgibbon

“You can fail fast and fail cheaply. If you can do that, then you’re going to be able to have those bigger wins and scale them up.” -Bennett Fitzgibbon

“Surround yourself with like-minded people.”-Bennett Fitzgibbon

About Bennett Fitzgibbon

Bennett Fitzgibbon is a B2B SaaS marketing leader with a strong foundation in growth. He joined Turnstyle Solutions as the Head of Marketing. During his time there, their employees grew from 8 to 30 employees and see their platform being used in 5000+ venues throughout 45+ countries. In early 2017, Yelp acquired Turnstyle Solution. Bennett is constantly developing his skills through certificate programs (UofT), bootcamps (bitmaker), self-teaching (interweb) and surrounding himself with other great marketers.

Show Notes
  • 02:19

    His progression from a university student to digital marketing manager at Microdea Inc.

  • 03:54

    Professional development courses he enrolled in

  • 04:24

    One of his journey’s turning points

  • 05:11

    Yelp’s acquisition of Turnstyle Solutions

  • 05:50

    Changes he experienced during the transition

  • 06:04

    His move from Yelp WiFi to Microdea Inc.

  • 07:25

    How marketing has evolved over the years

  • 08:10

    Basic marketing principles

  • 09:36

    The significance of data in today’s marketing

  • 10:51

    His view on making data-driven decisions

  • 12:06

    The marketing processes and principles they applied as a startup

  • 13:50

    How Turnstyle Solutions got big despite having limited resources

  • 14:13

    What they did that helped make the Yelp acquisition happen

  • 14:43

    His processes as head of marketing at Turnstyle Solutions

  • 16:38

    What the rapid fire testing mindset is all about

  • 17:05

    Creation of Turnstyle’s internal growth team

  • 21:10

    Members of the internal growth team

  • 21:59

    How rapid fire testings are set up

  • 23:06

    The impact of 500 Startups accelerator program

  • 29:21

    His role at Microdea Inc.

  • 30:56

    His advice to people who want to get into any specialty


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