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In today’s episode, we talk with Rokham Fard, founder at Rokham shares with Growth Marketing Today his growth secrets to how he started and built one of Canada’s 50 fastest growing tech startups at, and grew the team from zero to 150 strong. In this episode, learn why it’s more important to fall in love with the process rather than the results, how to improve your focus by up to 67% with this one productivity hack and the one thing that Rokham looks for when hiring marketers.

“Fall in love with the process and the results will come through.” – Rokham Fard

What You’ll Learn In This Episode
  1. Why it’s more important to fall in love with the process rather than the results
  2. Improve your focus by up to 67% with this one productivity hack
  3. The one thing Rokham looks for when hiring marketers
Some Quotes From This Episode

“Almost every experiment you’ll try will fail. You need to be able to pivot quickly and form the next best hypothesis to test out.” – Rokham Fard

“One of the things I look for when I hire is how wholesome someone is. ” – Rokham Fard

“This productivity hack is backed by scientific research: chewing on peppermint gum will improve your focus by up to 67%.” – Rokham Fard

“Top performers in high stress environments are professional mental athletes. People need to be better at the psyche of this game. The longer you endure in this game, the bigger winner you are.” – Rokham Fard

About Rokham Fard

Rokham Fard co-founded and helped get it to be one of Canada’s 50 fastest growing tech startups, raised 10s of millions of dollars and got the team from zero to 150 strong in the past 9 years. Prior to that he worked with Canada’s largest academic research lab to help out with re-thinking and re-designing our education system. Before that, he was part of IBM’s market leader product, WebSphere Business Modeler, and was recognized as the employee of the year at the age of 21. Rokham has his bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from University of Toronto and have professionally worked both at a Chief Marketing Office (CMO) as well as a software engineer capacity. What he’s most passionate about is inventing tech products, building them out and help market them in effective ways.

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Show Notes
    • 03:07

      Rokham’s career journey

    • 03:40

      He decided to start a company

    • 05:40

      Falling in love with the process

    • 06:20

      Building the first version of

    • 07:00

      How having a software engineering background made it easy to fill in the gap of marketing

    • 07:51

      What is

    • 08:55

      Their first marketing tactics

    • 10:00

      Search engine optimization

    • 10:39

      How they optimized their website

    • 12:03

      What worked and did not work

    • 13:03

      How they built their database

    • 15:32

      Entrepreneur means undertaking

    • 16:22

      Rokham’s experience as entrepreneur

    • 18:25

      Defining entrepreneur as professional mental athletes

    • 19:45

      Attracting people with an entrepreneurial mindset

    • 20:06

      One thing Rokham looks for in an employee is how wholesome the person is

    • 22:10

      How can someone be a mental athlete

    • 23:32

      How to cultivate learning

    • 24:28

      Rokham’s podcast list

    • 25:35

      Backstory of PsychologyCompass

    • 28:55

      The thesis for PsychologyCompass

    • 31:45

      Recent pilot results on improving your focus and improving your communication

    • 33:33

      How they measure focus

    • 34:40

      Reaching your peak mental performance is the ultimate growth hack

    • 35:15

      Why they use peppermint gum

    • 35:55

      2 categories of their lessons: quick fixes and habit forming

    • 36:50

      Post-revenue stage

    • 39:05

      PsychologyCompass is for high performers working in high stress environment

    • 40:04

      Productizing PsychologyCompass

    • 41:15

      Advice to those people who want to be an entrepreneur

    • 42:12

      Goal setting vs Systems thinking


Rokham Fard

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