GMT013: Ethan Garr – VP Product at TelTech Systems

In today’s episode, we chat with Ethan Garr, VP Product for TelTech Systems. Ethan discusses how he kick-started the growth process at his company. Find out why you need a cheerleader for the growth process in your company. You’ll also learn how to structure your growth team and how to run the growth process.

“If you’re not passionate about growth, this is probably not the role for you. Go do something else.” Ethan Garr

What You’ll Learn In This Episode
  1. How to kickstart the growth marketing process in a company
  2. When you need someone to be the evangelist and cheerleader for the growth process
  3. The format of a BAD growth hypothesis
Some Quotes From This Episode

“Growth marketing is the relentless pursuit of optimization and iteration connected directly with data.” Ethan Garr

“If you follow the process in the book Hacking Growth – identify if you have product/market fit, identify your growth levers, put together a team and run high-tempo testing – you should be able to grow, unless all your ideas are bad.” Ethan Garr

“There’s a difference between what you read, what you see and what you hear about growth. You’re gonna make a lot of mistakes.” Ethan Garr

“Making the right decisions is more important than moving really quickly and doing random shit.” Ethan Garr

“It’s easy to get mired in the things that didn’t work rather than the things that did work” Ethan Garr

“The problem with exploratory hypothesis (If you change X into Y, something will happen), is that the results aren’t real.” Ethan Garr

“Growth is not just about running tests and occasionally being successfully. It’s about doubling down on that success.” Ethan Garr

“One of the mistakes we make as a growth community is we get so excited about our ideas, when we have a win, instead of doubling down and tripling down on that win, we go on to the next idea that we’re excited about. That next idea has a much better chance of failing than an iteration of one that was successful.” Ethan Garr

“When you’re building a hypothesis, you should tie it to a specific number and specific result, and think about all the success metric you’re going to measure.” Ethan Garr

About Ethan Garr

Ethan Garr is responsible for leading growth and innovation in his role as Vice President of Product for TelTech Systems. He is also co-inventor of RoboKiller, the patented technology that won the FTC’s Robocalls: Humanity Strikes Back competition. Ethan brings more than twenty years of experience developing, leading, and implementing technology, marketing, and business expansion projects for startup and growing companies. Ethan also founded and operated The Ultimate Workbench, a do-it-yourself public woodshop in Hamilton, NJ. His entrepreneurial spirit combined with growth hacking, public relations, online marketing, and business development experience has helped him develop a balanced and effective approach to growth.


Show Notes
      • 02:26

        Getting to where Ethan is right now

      • 03:27

        Worked for a Public Relations firm in Manhattan

      • 05:05

        Got a job offer from Sean Ellis

      • 06:28

        Opened a Do-It-Yourself Public Wood Shop

      • 07:30

        Applied and accepted a job as growth hacker

      • 09:28

        The difference between the growth hacking/marketing and traditional/digital marketing

      • 10:40

        What connects everybody in growth hacking world

      • 12:07

        Most passionate about being cognizant of one’s mistakes

      • 14:52

        How would you kick-start growth in a company that’s more rooted in a linear path

      • 15:38

        Every companies need a cheerleader for growth

      • 16:42

        How would Ethan cheerlead a situation wherein none of the experiments work out

      • 19:37

        How to write a great hypothesis

      • 20:59

        Michael Aagaard’s formula

      • 21:40

        Vision documents

      • 22:37

        One of the mistakes growth community makes

      • 23:13

        Having a good data analyst

      • 25:06

        What is TelTech and what are their growth process

      • 28:08

        What Ethan’s growth team look like

      • 31:57

        TelTech’s team organization

      • 34:40

        Advice for those people trying to get into growth


Ethan Garr

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