GMT014: Scott Tousley – Head of User Acquisition at HubSpot

Learn copywriting secrets (backed by psychology) that tripled HubSpot Sales revenue from Scott Tousley, the Head of User Acquisition of HubSpot Customer Hub. In this episode, you’ll also get Scott’s tips on the quickest way to become a T-shaped marketer and the top mistakes marketers make when it comes with email marketing.

“Put one foot in the known and one foot in the unknown. That’s the best way to learn and grow as a marketer.” – Scott Tousley

What You’ll Learn In This Episode
  1. Write automated email sales copy that converts (proven by psychological frameworks) that worked at HubSpot
  2. The quickest way to become a T-shaped marketer
  3. Top mistakes marketers make with email marketing
Some Quotes From This Episode

“The best kind of email you can send is when you’re not sending the same email as every company sends.” – Scott Tousley

“The way we thought about email at HubSpot is to focus on automated emails. ” – Scott Tousley

“We just wanted to try different areas at a high level and then narrow in on the smaller stuff” – Scott Tousley

“One of the things I’ve learned from Brian Balfour is focus. We do a quarterly zoom-in, zoom-out.” – Scott Tousley

About Scott Tousley

Scott Tousley leads the Growth Marketing team for HubSpot’s Customer Hub. He previously worked on HubSpot’s Sales Products where he grew blog traffic by 271% in 2015 and revenue by 157% in 2016. He’s written marketing essays published on Business Insider, WeWork, Buffer, HubSpot, and others. He works remote from San Diego, CA. On the side, Scott dabbles in non-profits and social entrepreneurship. For example, he raised $19K for pediatric cancer research through a Teespring crowdfunding campaign selling t-shirts. Feel free to follow him on Twitter (@sjtousley) or add him on LinkedIn.

Show Notes
  • 02:38

    His career journey

  • 11:20

    How he tripled HubSpot’s sales

  • 16:01

    Jokes that he incorporated

  • 22:28

    Specific process that he applied

  • 26:03

    The team that he’s running with

  • 27:17

    Time he meets with the team

  • 28:17

    The mistakes he sees most beginners make

  • 32:35

    Tips/advice for people who want to go deep into writing

  • 37:23

    What he’s currently up to

  • 38:58

    What  Pillar-Cluster Model is

  • 42:20

    Tips for people who are trying to get into growth/marketing/copywriting


Scott Tousley

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