GMT023: Sarah Stockdale – Former Head of Global Community Growth at Tilt – Part 1 of 2

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Sarah Stockdale, former Director of Global Community Growth at (acquired by AirBnb) and principal at Sarah Stockdale Growth Consulting, is a growth veteran who has experience growing and scaling early stage venture-backed companies out of both Toronto and Silicon Valley. In this episode, Sarah shares the growth process at Tilt (before they got acquired by AirBnb), what she looks for when hiring for a growth team and how to get users addicted to your app.

When I’m looking to hire for the #growth team, I look for resilience. I need people who are stubborn enough to find a solution for impossible problems. – @skstock Click To Tweet
What You’ll Learn in This Episode
  1. Sarah’s career progression (hint: she didn’t start in growth or marketing.. ahem MTV).
  2. The growth process at Tilt before they got acquired by AirBnb.
  3. What Sarah looks for in hiring growth marketers (hint: it’s not sexy resume!)
  4. How to hire for your #growth team
  5. How you get users addicted to your app
About Sarah Stockdale

Sarah Stockdale is a growth veteran, with 7 years of experience growing and scaling early stage technology companies. With experience working at venture-backed companies out of both Toronto and Silicon Valley, Sarah has grown companies from scratch and led large growth teams. Past experience includes Product Marketing and Business Development at Wave and most recently, Sarah led a multi-national growth team at Tilt as the Director of Global Community Growth. Sarah mentors with Venture for Canada and 500 Startups, and has taught and spoken at Ryerson, Queen’s, Brainstation, HackerYou, McMaster, George Brown and Mohawk College.

Show Notes
    • 02:01

      Her career journey

    • 03:56

      How she got into Tilt through Twitter DM

    • 07:12

      What Tilt is

    • 07:56

      Her role in Tilt

    • 08:30

      The magic that occurred which helped Tilt succeed

    • 09:43

      The process of finding what to do next

    • 11:34

      How they determine which university/school to target first

    • 12:40

      Where they find insights

    • 13:12

      Her growth team

    • 13:25

      Couple of things she recommends when looking/hiring for growth

    • 14:58

      How to get people addicted to an app

    • 17:01

      Questions she asks to validate resiliency and other things she looks out for


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