GMT027: Nick Drew – CEO of Fuse Insights

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As a growth marketer, data is king. But, there’s so much data everywhere! How do you make sure you don’t drown in data? Nick Drew, currently CEO of a boutique data agency called Fuse Insights and previously data and research roles at Yahoo Canada, Microsoft and Financial Times, gives fresh perspective on forming a data-driven growth strategy. In this episode, learn Nick’s process for gathering and developing actionable insights from data, why curiosity is the most important thing when interpreting data and why more data might actually be a bad thing.

Curiosity is the key to reading data and getting insights. People are not asking enough questions. Ask why and so what. – Nick Drew Click To Tweet
What You’ll Learn in This Episode
  1. Nick’s process on gathering and developing actionable insights from data
  2. Why curiosity is so important when interpreting data
  3. Why more data may not be the solution for your business or startup
  4. How AI and machine learning is changing the game for data analysis
About Nick Drew

Nick Drew has been a researcher for more than fifteen years and a research client for ten. After working at the Financial Times and Microsoft, he spent several years as Head of Research for Yahoo across Canada and Latin America, developing and managing a program of award-winning research from small tactical projects to large-scale thought leadership initiatives.

He later set up the Research and Analytics function for FleishmanHillard Canada, helping the company to incorporate research and data into its ways of working, and supporting a wide range of clients across the public and private sectors in their research and insights needs.

Nick’s interspersed his career with time working for agencies ranging from large multinationals to small boutique shops. But it’s the time he spent working as a research client that he really found a passion for the art of taking business challenges and turning them into questionnaires, and transforming data and qual transcripts into meaningful outcomes for marketers, sales folks and C-Suite leadership.

Show Notes
      • 02:35

        Nick’s backstory

      • 04:10

        His first move into the client side of research

      • 06:45

        How research is not that exciting as an industry

      • 07:10

        Working in the PR space

      • 09:53

        Why people often get the data wrong

      • 11:25

        Data-driven careers and jobs

      • 14:30

        How their process looks like

      • 15:50

        Curiosity and asking questions

      • 18:38

        Quantitative and qualitative data gathering

      • 22:20

        Tips on how to use data smarter

      • 26:12

        The one metric that matters

      • 27:37

        The implication of AI

      • 29:34

        The need to have somebody make a decision for the business

      • 32:17

        Tools he is using

      • 34:25

        Tips for those who are trying to get into data research or analysis

      • 36:18


      • 37:42

        Skills employers are looking for


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