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This episode is all about AI and growth marketing. Jaxson Khan is the man when it comes to AI. Not only is he the Director of Marketing at, but he also hosts the #AskAI podcast. In this episode, learn how you can use AI to grow your company and how important relationship strength is for your business.

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What You’ll Learn in This Episode
  1.’s Most Connected Lists
  2. How they gather data
  3. How to do an effective Product Hunt launch with a focus on relationships, community, and network intelligence
  4. The future of AI and how it’ll affect marketers
About Jaxson Khan

Jaxson Khan is Director of Marketing at, a relationship intelligence platform. In the community, Jaxson serves as host of the #AskAI podcast, a mentor at Techstars, a judge at Venture for Canada, an advisor to Century Initiative, and a member of the World Economic Forum. Previously, Jaxson founded Young Diplomats of Canada, an NGO that engages with the United Nations, World Bank, and G20. He also served on advisory boards with AstraZeneca and The Globe and Mail and was elected to the Peel District School Board. Jaxson is a published author and speaker on technology, education, and policy, including the International Economic Development Council Journal. Jaxson graduated from Western University as a 3M National Student Fellow and one of Canada’s Top 20 Under 20.

Show Notes
      • 02:20

        Relationships they have with the customers makes a brand successful

      • 02:42

        Profiled thousands of different businesses based on their relationship strengths and how connected they are

      • 03:12

        Most Connected List

      • 04:30

        How Jaxson got to where he is right now

      • 06:25

        Canada moving from being a resource-driven economy to being an innovation-driven economy

      • 08:40

        What is and what they do

      • 11:30

        Where they get their data

      • 12:40

        Visual score of the relationship strength (from very weak to very strong)

      • 13:42

        Figuring out which companies are the most connected

      • 16:45

        Identifying the people that matter fast

      • 17:28

        Their main growth driver in terms of acquisition

      • 18:23

        Product hunt launching

      • 19:21

        Reasons for the huge focus on pre-users

      • 22:56

        Steps for product hunt launch success

      • 24:20

        Strategies for retention

      • 25:42

        Future of AI and how it will affect marketers

      • 27:50

        His advice for people who are trying to get into entrepreneurship or marketing



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