The Blogging Strategy That Directly Resulted in More Than $10k in Revenue with Kaleigh Moore, Co-Founder of Lumen Ventures (GMT071)

Trends come and go, but content marketing — particularly blogging — remains one of the top marketing channels. In this episode, Kaleigh Moore, freelance content writer for SaaS and eCommerce, shares how to produce top-performing blog posts, promote them, leverage different media types, and make your content as evergreen as possible. Kaleigh has been hired by top companies on the Fortune 500 as well as growing SaaS companies, including AT&T, ReCharge Payments, HubSpot, and BigCommerce.

In episode 71, you’ll learn:

  1. Kaleigh’s blogging strategy that directly resulted in more than $10k in revenue
  2. Big trends in content marketing in 2020 and beyond
  3. How to get into the “flow” of writing

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To create a really interesting piece of content, go deep, make new points, add new things to the conversation, and show lots of recent examples. – @kaleighf from @GrowthToday podcast. Get the full podcast episode 👇 Click To Tweet The best performing piece I've written is over 5,000 words. It's better to go deep with a topic than write shallow pieces. – @kaleighf from @GrowthToday podcast. Get the full episode 👇 Click To Tweet Distraction is the enemy of productive writing and achieving that flow state. Close all your tabs. Put your phone on silent. Create an environment where distractions are eliminated – @kaleighf from @GrowthToday podcast. Get the full… Click To Tweet
My takeaways from this episode
  1. Find your people. Find your little online tribe and participate. Don’t just lurk in the shadows of Twitter or Facebook groups. Talk to people and schedule coffee chats. In marketing (and I think in life), connections are important. It opens up doors.
  2. When it comes to content, go deep and have some personality. It’s easy to do the one-off content that’s 500 words, which costs next to nothing to have written or takes like 20 minutes to put together. Kaleigh’s best articles go deep, make new points, and add new things to the conversations that are already happening.
  3. Re-purpose your blog content. Take blog content and then make videos orInstagram stories or social posts. That’s not entirely a new idea, but Kaleigh is seeing more and more people do it these days, especially video, which I think is wise because YouTube is the second biggest search engine.
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About Kaleigh Moore

Kaleigh Moore has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. While in college, she started an online business, making sales to thousands of customers from around the world. Upon graduating from college, she went on to work in Public Relations for a non-profit.

Kaleigh has spoken at several colleges and at numerous organizations on building a following using social media. She has also written for many publications, both online and in print.

Show Notes
  • 4:08 – The story of how Kaleigh became a sought after content writer
  • 5:36 – What’s the difference between writing for eCommerce versus SaaS companies
  • 8:20 – Kaleigh’s blogging process that gets results
  • 9:32 – Information you should have before you start writing
  • 11:39 – Why it’s important for writers to let ideas marinade
  • 13:35 – What’s makes a blog article good
  • 14:48 – What are some misconceptions people have about blogging and content writing
  • 17:23 – A story on one Kaleigh’s failure early on her freelancing career
  • 19:26 – How Kaleigh’s get into the “flow” of writing
  • 20:48 – How long are blog articles that perform the best
  • 22:40 – Big trends in content marketing in 2020 and beyond
  • 25:08 – How to get more exposure for your content
  • 26:28 – Kaleigh’s one piece of advice for marketers who want to get into freelancing
  • 28:26 – Kaleigh’s advice for marketers and founders and creating content that gets results
  • 29:09 – Where can people find out more about Kaleigh online?


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