How to Build a Personal Brand Through Podcasting with Stewart Hillhouse (GMT128)

Podcasting isn’t new. It’s been around for over a decade now. However, it’s experienced a massive rise in popularity rise. It’s not surprising at all—after all, the low cost of creation and the ease of consumption has made podcasting the consummate way to reach niche audiences. Those qualities have also made the medium the perfect vehicle for those who would like to build a powerful personal brand.

In this episode, Stewart Hillhouse shares how he used podcasting as a way to build his personal brand.

In episode 128, you’ll learn:

  1. How he measures the success of his podcast (hint: it’s not the number of downloads of each episode)
  2. How to get over the fear of putting yourself out there
  3. Stewart’s podcast creation system
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About Stewart Hillhouse

Stewart Hillhouse is the Head of Audience Growth for Customer Camp, where they help frustrated product teams figure out where to focus so they can make better decisions and market smarter.

He’s also the host of the Top Of Mind podcast, a weekly show on Stewart’s conversations with Marketers, Creatives, and leaders who are shaping the culture around us.

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