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Growth Marketing Today is a podcast for marketers and founders to sharpen their marketing skills from some of today’s top marketing experts in SEO, paid acquisition, conversion optimization, copywriting, product-led growth and more.

I publish the podcast metrics every month here. Currently, this podcast gets 5K+ downloads per month and generated a total of $45K+ from income generated through referrals.

New podcast episodes are published every Tuesday at 10 am ET.

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Ramli John

Founder and Host

Ramli John is a full-stack growth marketer with over 10 years of marketing experience. With a B.Math degree from University of Waterloo and MBA from Richard Ivey School of Business, Ramli worked in a wide array of environments from in-house, freelance, B2C, e-commerce, multi-sided market and B2B. He’s led growth and marketing teams for VC-funded B2B SaaS companies in San Francisco, New York, and Toronto.

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