The 3-Step Influencer Marketing Blueprint with Taylor Lagace (GMT153)

Too many growing DTC and eCommerce brands leave influencer marketing out of their marketing strategy. And you can’t really fault them for doing so. With many “wanna-be” influencers with fake followers, influencers have gotten a bad rep and it’s easy to see why.

But some brands have cracked the code of influencer marketing and are using it to skyrocket their growth. In today’s episode, Taylor Lagace, co-founder of Kynship, discusses the nitty-gritties of influencer marketing and bust more than a few myths along the way. 

In episode 153, you’ll learn:

  1. How brands with limited marketing spend leverage the potential of influencers
  2. Common myths around influencer marketing
  3. A proven 3-step influencer marketing blueprint

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About Taylor Lagace

Taylor Lagace is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Kynship.

Prior to co-founding Kynship, Taylor worked at Athletes First, an NFL agency, where he was responsible for marketing on behalf of NFL stars, such as Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, and Deshaun Watson.

From Athletes First, he transitioned to the digital marketing side of the influencer marketing space by building out the influencer department at Common Thread Collective, a growth agency mainly focusing on Facebook Advertising. Here, Taylor was responsible for creating influencer partnerships on behalf of 30+ brands and running Facebook ads in tandem with influencers AKA “Influencer Whitelisting”.

Taylor’s holistic learning and experience within this space has led him to a greater understanding of influencer marketing, which he hopes to share with others who aim to leverage influencers for the growth of their business.

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