GMT020: Alyssa Atkins – VP of Marketing at CareGuide

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Alyssa Atkins, VP of Marketing at CareGuide, has mastered the art of smoke testing, automating and scaling user acquisition channels, down to a science. In this episode of Growth Marketing Today, find out CareGuide’s 5-step process to exploring and scaling new marketing channels. You’ll also learn what Alyssa looks for when hiring for her team (hint: it’s not experience or a great resume!).

Being lean and asking what's the smallest thing you can test to prove your hypothesis allows you to build much faster and not overbuild. - @alyssaatkins Click To Tweet
What You’ll Learn in This Episode
  1. Why she values and only hires marketers who have an entrepreneurial mindset
  2. As marketers, how to find the balance between hustling and high-impact activities
  3. CareGuide’s 5-step process to smoke test, automate and scale user acquisition channels
  4. How Alyssa hires for their marketing team
Tweet Some Quotes from This Episode
The marketing team at @careguide works under the assumption that resources are limited, even after we've raised, because it can be tempting to overspend 💸 - @alyssaatkins Click To Tweet Entrepreneurial marketers are those people who pursue opportunities even though they don't have the resources for how - @alyssaatkins Click To Tweet Great marketing teams finds an opportunity and builds a plane while in the air. This leads to moving a lot faster. - @alyssaatkins Click To Tweet Being lean and asking what's the smallest thing you can test to prove your hypothesis allows you to build much faster and not overbuild. - @alyssaatkins Click To Tweet As the VP of Marketing, I intentionally set aside time to ask what the business needs this week and what my team needs to be successful 🏆 - @alyssaatkins Click To Tweet The goal shouldn't be being busy. It's working on things that are going to make an impact on the business. - @alyssaatkins Click To Tweet Everyone on the marketing team has deployed to the @careguide codebase. - @alyssaatkins Click To Tweet
About Alyssa Atkins

Alyssa Atkins is the VP of Marketing and early employee at CareGuide, which owns vertically focused marketplaces for everyday care services, such as,,, and 20 or so others. She takes a data-driven approach to discovering, automating, and scaling profitable marketing channels. Her strengths lay in hiring, scaling marketing channels, and analytics. Alyssa has basic proficiency in HTML, CSS, and SQL.

Before CareGuide, Alyssa was an early marketing leader at Top Hat. There, she developed and scaled both the content and email strategies, delivering thousands of qualified leads to their sales team.

Previously, she participated in The Next 36, where she was awarded the James Eaton Entrepreneur Award. The Next 36 aims to help launch the careers of 36 of Canada’s most promising and entrepreneurial undergraduates.
Show Notes
  • 02:26

    Alyssa’s career journey

  • 04:08

    How her entrepreneurial mindset helped her with marketing and building her marketing team

  • 05:40

    The importance of speed

  • 06:50

    Balancing between hustling and thinking

  • 08:10

    Having time to “think”

  • 09:48

    Planning process and goal setting with the team

  • 10:53

    What their marketing team looks like

  • 12:25

    Automation in CareGuide

  • 14:15

    Growth in the team

  • 15:20

    Running experiments and exploring new channels

  • 17:28

    How they hire for their marketing team

  • 20:06

    What they look for when hiring someone

  • 21:55

    How they test for grit

  • 24:00

    Attracting people to work for their company

  • 25:57

    How the team learned coding

  • 26:55

    Experiments that surprised the team

  • 29:50

    Her advice to students



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