GMT026: Alex Birkett – Growth Marketing Manager at HubSpot

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Having worked at a startup, ConversionXL and HubSpot, Alex Birkett is the right guy to shed some light in how to do growth in a startup, an agency and a billion-dollar company. In this episode of Growth Marketing Today, Alex shares the tactics he used to grow ConversionXL’s monthly blog visitors from 125K to 250K. Alex also opens up his tips about doing SEO and getting the most out of conferences and meetups.

There's no real shortcut to #growth. People want that hack. Growth can be so unsexy. – @iamalexbirkett Click To Tweet
What You’ll Learn in This Episode
  1. How Alex grew ConversionXL’s monthly blog visitors from 125K to 250K
  2. The content promotion strategy he used at ConversionXL
  3. The growth process at HubSpot
  4. How Alex does SEO at HubSpot
Tweet Some Quotes from This Episode
One of the biggest things I've did to grow the blog readers at @ConversionXL was getting a big guest writer pipeline who were experts in their industry – @iamalexbirkett Click To Tweet We did a lot of user research and surveys to current blog readers @ConversionXL to figure out what #content we should write about. – @iamalexbirkett Click To Tweet Make sure you have a #content promotion checklist to distribute your blog and other types of content. – @iamalexbirkett Click To Tweet What ended up working the best to promote @ConversionXL's content was building authentic relationships with expert #marketers who know their shit. – @iamalexbirkett Click To Tweet Reach out to experts for quotes and ask them to re-share the #content as soon as you publish it. – @iamalexbirkett Click To Tweet SEO at @HubSpot starts with a pillar and cluster strategy, where there's a shorter keyword as the pillar and you build cluster content around it. – @iamalexbirkett Click To Tweet One of the things that's really working at @HubSpot for content promotion is building authentic relationships. There's no real shortcut. – @iamalexbirkett Click To Tweet There's no real shortcut to #growth. People want that hack. Growth can be so unsexy. – @iamalexbirkett Click To Tweet When it comes to conferences and meetups, @PeepLaja told me once that you're not there to learn (you can read a blog for that). You're there to meet people and have fun. – @iamalexbirkett Click To Tweet
About Alex Birkett

Alex Birkett is a Growth Marketing Manager at HubSpot where he focuses specifically on freemium acquisition strategy. In the past, he’s been a startup growth guy at ConversionXL, and before that, at LawnStarter.

Alex’s main strengths and focuses are in growth strategy, data analysis, experimentation design, and search engine optimization. He’s dabbled in most marketing channels, though. Generally, Alex is quite “T-Shaped” (to use industry jargon), which his deep focus areas being CRO, SEO, and content.

He writes over at Come say hi.

Show Notes
      • 02:40

        His career journey

      • 05:00

        Started in a start-up company

      • 05:57

        How the ConversionXL happened

      • 07:33

        His process on what content to write and what not to

      • 09:50

        The kind of research he does to figure out what topics to write

      • 10:58

        Their distribution strategy

      • 12:30

        Influencer Marketing

      • 13:30

        Transitioning from content to growth

      • 16:27

        About the product

      • 17:02

        Overview of their process

      • 18:05

        The focus of his time

      • 18:22

        Doing SEO for HubSpot

      • 20:04

        Making friends with people who are busy

      • 21:25

        Other ways to do influencer marketing

      • 22:04

        How to meet cool people in conferences

      • 23:17

        Tips to those who are trying to get into growth marketing


In the next episode, we have Nick Drew, CEO of Fuse Insights.

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