How to Turn User Research into Irresistible Website Copy – Jen Havice (GMT064)

Imagine if you could connect with your website visitors the moment they landed on your site. They understood exactly what kind of value your product or solution provided. And they were eager to join your email list or hit the buy button. That’s what Jen Havice does for companies she works with. She turns data, user research, customer interviews, and surveys into irresistible website copy that makes visitors say, “Yes!” Jen has been featured on the blog for Unbounce, ConversionXL and CopyHackers.

In episode 64, you’ll learn:

  1. How do you build data-backed buyer personas
  2. Jen’s favorite questions to ask in surveys to understand the motivations and triggers of buyers
  3. The biggest mistakes most websites make when it comes to copy conversion

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The big problem is that a lot of marketers just really on basic demographic data for buyer personas. They're not really gonna help you understand the reasons behind buyer decision-making. – @jenhavice from @GrowthToday podcast Click To Tweet A lot of websites is just a laundry list of features instead of telling what kind of value it's going to provide and how it's going to provide that value. - @jenhavice from @GrowthToday podcast. Get the full episode 👇 Click To Tweet The most important thing to remember when writing website copy is really understanding your prospect's state of awareness. – @jenhavice from the @GrowthToday podcast. Get the full episode 👇 Click To Tweet 95 percent of the copywriting process from a conversion perspective is going to rely on voice of customer user research. – @jenhavice from the @GrowthToday podcast. Get the full episode 👇 Click To Tweet
My Takeaways from This Episode
  1. Go deeper with your buyer personas. According to Jen, most buyer personas are wishful thinking on who they want their customers to be and not who their customers are actually. Talk to your best customers to identify the expectations, needs, wants and concerns of your customers.
  2. Understand what was happening in the life and business of your customers that pushed them to seek a solution like yours. Jen said that this is one of the best ways to figure out their motivations and triggers. Then, you can use triggers in your website copy.
  3. The most important thing to remember when writing website copy is understanding your prospect’s state of awareness. For one of Jen’s clients, one customer segment was more aware of the problem and solution than another. So they crafted different pages for the two segments.
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About Jen Havice
Jen Havice is a conversion-centered copywriter and optimizer who helps businesses articulate their messaging and sell more with better performing websites. She has worked with companies all over the world, improving conversion rates with a combination of data-driven research and an emphasis on a brand’s personality. Her book, Finding The Right Message, is the go-to guide on conducting voice of customer research and applying it to your website copy. She shares a practical approach to getting at the most important messages your small business customers care about with examples from the online marketing trenches of what works and what doesn’t.
For fun, Jen loves tapping away at her laptop with a strong cup of Peet’s coffee by her side. Jen calls the Twin Cities home, or as she affectionately likes to call it, the Land of 10,000 Hot Dishes. You can check out her website at Make Mention Media.
Show Notes
  • 3:40 – How Jen became a conversion
  • 6:35 – Why do marketers get buyer’s personas so wrong
  • 12:44 – How can marketers better understand their customers motivation, pain points, hesitations, and triggers?
  • 18:18 – How do you decide between surveys, customer interviews, or pop-up questions when doing user research?
  • 21:52 – Good questions to ask when sending out surveys
  • 30:30 – How do you find the balance between talking about features and benefits?
  • 36:12 – Jen’s process for turning research and insights into website copy that converts
  • 39:42 – How do you user research if you don’t have any users?
  • 42:32 – Jen’s one piece of advice to marketers and founders who are looking to improve their website’s conversion
  • 43:50 – Where can people find out more about Jen?
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