GMT017: Ray Kanani – Director of UX Transformation at Intelex

Find out what it takes to build a holistic user journey in this episode of Growth Marketing Today. Ray Kanani, Director of User Experience Transformation at Intelex, shares why he used a comic book format to communicate the whole user journey of a company. This is something he got from the AirBnb’s UX team. Every marketer, designer and product people focused on UX growth can learn a thing or two (and even more!) from Ray.

“Data is great for understanding what to look for. But, a lot of the ‘a ha’ moments happens when you’re actually talking to a person.”Ray Kanani

What You’ll Learn In This Episode
  1. Why Ray uses a comic book to depict the whole user journey of a company
  2. The process for building a holistic approach to UX
  3. Finding the balance between data and user research
Some Quotes From This Episode

“If as a company, you can’t pick up the phone or reach out to a customer, then your organization probably has a process problem. ” – Ray Kanani

“That thing that’s missing in a lot of UX processes is we don’t really holistic user journey.” – Ray Kanani

“If we put in a room someone in pre-sales, customer success, product development, engineering and marketing and gave them a problem. We’ll have a clearer and better solutions” – Ray Kanani

“If you have a holistic approach to UX, you’ll have engineering care about inbound marketing, and inbound marketing care about customer success.” – Ray Kanani

“It’s crazy that there are team where their mindset is, ‘Oh the customer signed up for the product, we never have to care about them again.” – Ray Kanani

“I care about the big user story, the entire story from what they were doing before they were using the product and what kind of organizations are these people working in.” – Ray Kanani

“When you work in silos, you only get a glimpse of what the entire journey of the user is.” – Ray Kanani

“We were inspired by AirBnb to create a comic book of our user journey.” – Ray Kanani

“Once you see the bigger picture, you also see the big pains.” – Ray Kanani

About Ray Kanani

Ray Kanani is a multi-disciplined UX designer with a proven track record of designing and shipping successful experiences for multiple device types and context. He is fluent with visual interaction design tools including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Ray has also worked with Fortune 500 clients including Sony, Microsoft and Disney. He is currently the Director of User Experience Transformation at Intelex Technologies.

Show Notes
    • 01:53

      His career journey

    • 03:14

      His social media marketing

    • 04:21

      His YouTube video on how to French braid someone’s hair

    • 07:26

      The photo kiosk in his salon

    • 11:55

      His introduction to Jack Canopy

    • 15:43

      Balancing qualitative data and quantitative data

    • 18:23

      His vision

    • 20:47

      The concept of growth teams

    • 23:37

      What Intelex is

    • 24:22

      The impact of his employees

    • 25:52

      His first goal

    • 27:54

      The use of sticky notes

    • 30:28

      How he systematizes the user’s journey

    • 33:12

      His big task in Intelex

    • 36:08

      The UX in the next five years

    • 38:14

      Seeing UX as a physician


Ray Kanani

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