How HubSpot Went From 4.1 Million Monthly Visitors To Their Blog to 6.3 Million in 10 Months with Aja Frost, Head of Content SEO at Hubspot (GMT098)

After a year and half of flat traffic at HubSpot, Aja Frost, now the Head of Content SEO at HubSpot, implemented a new “organic first” strategy, which increased the organic traffic to HubSpot’s blog from 4.1 million unique monthly visitors to 6.3 million in less than 10 months. In this episode, I grill Aja on the details of how they were able to achieve that extraordinary increase in organic traffic.

By the way, Aja just wrote a new book on remote work, “Work from Home Hacks.” In it, she shares 500 easy ways to get organized, stay productive, and maintain a work/life balance while working from home. Pre-order it now.

In episode 98, you’ll learn:

  1. How HubSpot went from 4.1 million unique monthly visitors to 6.3 million in less than 10 months.
  2. Why HubSpot only publishes four main buckets of content
  3. How they approach deleting, merging, and updating old content
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Key Discussion Points
  • [02:41] How Aja became the Head of Content SEO at HubSpot
  • [04:51] How HubSpot went from 4.1 million unique monthly visitors to 6.3 million in less than 10 months
  • [07:32] Why was HubSpot’s traffic flat for a year prior to that?
  • [09:35] How did they get out of the “content treadmill”?
  • [11:37] How does Aja perform keyword research for content?
  • [15:55] What are the four main buckets of content that HubSpot publishes and why they only publish content into those buckets?
  • [20:27] With Google become more strict with manipulated external links, should companies still guest blog?
  • [22:37] Aja shares her thoughts on SEMRush incident with selling guest posts and links
  • [27:04] What’s HubSpot’s process for historical optimization (refreshing old content for search engines)?
  • [33:32] How do you increase your chance of getting your content as Google’s featured snippet?
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About Aja Frost

Aja Frost is the Head of Content SEO at HubSpot. Aja joined HubSpot in 2016 as a writer on the Sales Blog. One year later, she was promoted to Editor. Aja pioneered a new “organic first” strategy that helped the Sales Blog break through a 1.5-year traffic plateau.



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