GMT028: Rob Mann – UX Copywriter at Manulife

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Rob Mann, UX Copywriter at Manulife, has worked with brands such as Uber, Twtter, Toyota, BMW and more. In this episode, learn the process to write remarkable content and copy using the UX design process and his top tips if you want to get good at writing copy.

A big part about writing remarkable copy is getting to the root of the problem. You can't solve the problem if you don't know what the problem is – @iamrobmann Click To Tweet
What You’ll Learn in This Episode
  1. Rob’s copywriting process
  2. What UX copywriting is
  3. Why most traditional ad’s copy are failing
  4. How Rob uses Reddit to do user research when writing copy
  5. His top tips to get better at writing remarkable content
Tweet Some Quotes from This Episode
I see my role as a #copywriter is to educate users and empower them to do their own thing – @iamrobmann Click To Tweet If you educate people and make them feel confident, then they're going to trust the brand that came from that. – @iamrobmann Click To Tweet Whether you're a designer, developer or marketer, your goal really is to help people help themselves. – @iamrobmann Click To Tweet My process for copywriting first involve asking a ton of questions and annoying the hell out of everybody by asking why far too many times. – @iamrobmann Click To Tweet A big part about writing remarkable copy is getting to the root of the problem. You can't solve the problem if you don't know what the problem is – @iamrobmann Click To Tweet Whatever area of copywriting you're in, it should all be about telling a story and helping guide whoever's reading it through that process. – @iamrobmann Click To Tweet Copy should be part of the design process and not an afterthought. – @iamrobmann Click To Tweet People can love an image. Or the design can be stunning. But copy is that thing that people can read and understand. – @iamrobmann Click To Tweet One way to really gain the trust of your users is to speak to them and not at them. – @iamrobmann Click To Tweet The process for UX design should be the same process for writing copy. You have to iterate on everything as much as possible. – @iamrobmann Click To Tweet Design can only do so much without copy and copy can only do so much without design. They're very co-dependent. – @iamrobmann Click To Tweet I don't think anybody in any profession knows enough. You might know enough to get the job done. But you don't know enough to do what's next. You can't know enough. – @iamrobmann Click To Tweet I hate when people think blogging is #contentmarketing. It 100% isn't. You should use whatever platform is appropriate to tell the story. – @iamrobmann Click To Tweet Copywriting and content creation is all about storytelling, just doing it in different ways. – @iamrobmann Click To Tweet Want to get better at copywriting? Stop consuming and just start creating. You can never stop learning. You can never know enough. – @iamrobmann Click To Tweet You can't ever learn to play guitar if you haven't heard a rock song. The same way, you can't be a copywriter if you've never read good copy.– @iamrobmann Click To Tweet
About Rob Mann

Over the better part of the past decade, Rob Mann has gotten to work with some awesome agencies and companies, creating copy and content for everything from tech products and corporate websites to ad campaigns and social channels. He’s created content for brands such as Uber, Toyota, Johnson & Johnson, Budweiser, Twitter, Toronto Tourism and Public Mobile. He is currently a UX copywriter at Manulife. Prior that, he was the former Head of Community at Crew Labs.

Show Notes
    • 02:14

      Rob’s career journey

    • 04:57

      What their process looks like

    • 06:05

      Getting into the root of the problem

    • 06:36

      What UX Writing (User Experience Writing) is

    • 08:00

      Importance of copy

    • 09:40

      The value of authenticity, trust, and dialogue

    • 10:39

      The similarity of copy and design or development

    • 11:00

      Speaking to people and figuring things out

    • 12:24

      What user experience research is

    • 14:15

      Doing user experience research with tight timelines

    • 17:05

      Using social network for user research

    • 18:24


    • 20:27

      Translating the research into a copy

    • 22: 20

      Copy and design

    • 24:28

      Some useful tips/hacks

    • 26:08

      Advice to those who want to get into copywriting



In the next episode, we have Andrew Warner, CEO of Mixergy

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