Writing Copy That Multiplies Conversion Rates and Sells – Joel Klettke (GMT036)

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In this episode, Joel Klettke, copywriter extraordinaire and CRO consultant, shares with use his process for creating copy that multiplies conversion rates and sells. He’s done some amazing work, including doubling the conversion rate of Hubspot. As a sign of how funny and great Joel’s copy is, check out his twitter bio – Pray for your competitors: after you hire me, they’ll need it.

A copywriter's job is not to pound a keyboard and make words come out. A copywriter’s job is to the hard thinking on what to say, how to say it and where to say it. – @JoelKlettke Click To Tweet
What You’ll Learn in This Episode
  1. Joel’s process for creating copy that multiplies conversion rate and that sells
  2. Why he doesn’t “write” copy but actually assembles it instead
  3. How he uses testimonials and social proof to increase conversion rates
  4. Why shorter copy isn’t always better (and why sometimes you need long copy)
About Joel Klettke

Joel Klettke is a content marketing strategist at Business Casual Copywriting. After graduating from the Haskayne School of Business in 2010, he spent most of his early 20’s arm wrestling Google at a digital marketing agency. There, he learned the deep, dark secrets of bending the web to your will. Having flown the coop on agency life in 2013, Joel now uses the power of persuasive writing, along with his knowledge of online marketing, to help brands send more interesting messages and make new friends with money to spend.

Show Notes
  • 03:58

    Why a copywriter doesn’t sell words, but copy that sells.

  • 06:02

    How did Joel get from SEO to copywriting

  • 09:18

    The number thing you can do right now to get better at copywriting (hint: it’s not a course or a blog)

  • 11:08

    Why copy that converts is not “written” but is assembled, almost like lego blocks

  • 12:50

    Joel’s process to building amazing copy

  • 18:11

    Why shorter copy isn’t always better. You need to consider two things: (1) Cognition and (2) Awareness

  • 21:37

    Why you need to write copy for different pages depending on where they are in their customer journey.

  • 23:11

    How Joel uses social proof in copy to increase conversion rates

  • 25:01

    Some results in the past that surprised Joel

  • 27:10

    Why is wireframing an essential skill for any copywriter to have.

  • 29:20

    How does Joel get his clients to fall in love with the process

  • 32:38

    What is Case Study Buddy and why Joel started another business

  • 38:52

    Joel’s advice for marketers who want to get into copywriting


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