Increase Your Freemium or Free Trial SaaS Conversion with Product-Led Growth – Wesley Bush (GMT037)

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For freemium and free trial SaaS marketers and owners, one of the biggest struggles is converting more free or free trial users into paying users. Wes Bush, a product-led growth consultant and upcoming author of the book Product-Led Growth, shares his secrets to doing just that. Learn why product-qualified leads are so much more “qualified” than marketing-qualified leads, how to increase your freemium or free trial conversion and why are some big mistakes marketers make when implementing product-led growth.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode
  1. What is “product-led growth” and why it’s become so popular
  2. Why product-qualified leads (PQL) are so much more qualified than marketing-qualified leads (MQLs)
  3. The biggest mistake marketers and founders make when launching a freemium or free trial strategy
About Wesley Bush

Wesley Bush is the founder of Traffic is Currency, where he helps B2B SaaS companies adopt and refine a product-led go-to-market strategy using a free trial or freemium model. If you’re looking to launch or optimize a free trial or freemium model, feel free to connect Wes on Twitter, Linkedin or at

Show Notes
  • 3:04

    How Wes became a product-led growth consultant

  • 05:01

    Why has freemium become so popular lately

  • 06:21

    What is product-qualified lead (PQL) and why is it better than marketing-qualified lead (MQL)

  • 8:28

    How do you set the threshold for a freemium user to become a product-qualified lead

  • 10:08

    Wes’ framework for increasing free trial and freemium conversion

  • 11:45

    The two levers you can use to improve your product’s onboarding experience

  • 12:45

    Does product-led growth work for any SaaS companies

  • 13:37

    Does product-led growth work for complex SaaS products?

  • 14:48

    What are big mistakes founders and marketers make when it comes to onboarding

  • 16:51

    Should you ask for a credit card before you let a user try your product?

  • 19:34

    What’s the standard conversion from free-to-paid for SaaS companies

  • 20:34

    What tools Wes uses

  • 24:58

    Wes’ tips and advice for markers

  • 22:18

    What’s going to be in Wes’ upcoming book “Product Led Growth”


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