Page Speed and SEO: How to Increase Page Speed by Up To 3x – Lukas Haensch – Founder of Pathmonk (GMT072)

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There is a ceiling on your conversion rate. It’s not your price. It’s not your copy. It’s not your form. It could be your page load time. Slow websites cause visitors to bounce, which impacts the potential search ranking of your website. In this episode, Lukas Haensch, former Page Speed Specialist at Google and now the Co-Founder and CEO of Pathmonk, shares with you practical tips to increase the speed of your website by up to 3x.

In episode 72, you’ll learn:

  1. Why is page speed important for SEO and conversion optimization?
  2. What is critical path rendering and how can it help you speed up your site?
  3. How the type of font on your website affects page speed?
  4. Five lightweight ways to improve your page speed

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My Takeaways from This Episode
  1. Compress your images. Images are the most resource intensive assets that browser’s have to typically load. One thing I’ve been doing is using to compress images. But, Lukas suggests taking it to the next level and using base 64 encoding to add your images.
  2. Use Roboto or Open Sans whenever possible. I don’t have a very creative eye. So, I just use the readily available fonts from Google. I didn’t think about how the type of font on your site affects page speed. Lukas suggests using Robots or Open Sans so user’s browsers don’t have to download your custom font before your website loads.
  3. Look at the critical path rendering of your website. Are there any plugins or Javascript that’s there that you don’t need? Remove any ones that are not necessary for pages to load.
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About Lukas Haensch

Lukas Haensch is the co-founder and CEO of Pathmonk, a tool that helps you get more leads with the same website traffic using SmartCards. Prior to that, he was a Mobile Page Speed Specialist at Google.

Show Notes
  • 3:43 – The story of how Lukas went from working at Google to founding Pathmonk
  • 7:30 – How do you measure page speed?
  • 9:50 – Why is page speed important for SEO?
  • 11:58 – What is a good page speed?
  • 13:56 – What are lightweight things founders and marketers can do to speed up their website?
  • 30:07 – How does different browsers load websites?
  • 31:42 – The results of implementing all of Lukas’ suggestion
  • 32:51 – Should you put a video above the fold of a website?
  • 34:24 – What is Pathmonk?
  • 41:07 – Lukas’ one piece of advice to marketers


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