The State Of Product-Led Growth Experience with Despina Exadaktylou (GMT067)

It seems like product-led growth is all the rage in marketing circles these days. What does it actually look like for organizations to be product-led? That’s why Despina from surveyed 40 SaaS organizations and 50 executives who own or lead Product-Led Growth practices. The goal of this was to map, through real examples, Product-Led Growth techniques used and estimate how they affect the customer journey.

In episode 67, you’ll learn:

  1. Insights after doing research on 40+ product-led organizations
  2. Big roadblocks you can avoid when transitioning to product-led
  3. The main pillars of product-led organizations

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You add friction the product-led process when you don't measure what you deliver. – @ReInventGrowth from @GrowthToday podcast. Get the full podcast episode 👇 Click To Tweet
My Takeaways from This Episode
  1. Transitioning to a product-led sales approach needs to be a cross-functional effort. The product affects all functions from sales, marketing, support, customer success, design, and engineering.
  2. You can’t be product-led if you don’t have the right analytics in place. You need to be measuring and tracking your user’s journey from being a prospect to becoming a paying customer.
  3. When organizations deliver a Product-Led Growth business strategy onboarding is not only about activation. If done right it concerns the whole funnel from acquisition, retention, expansion, and more.
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About Despina Exadaktylou

Despina is a product-led growth consultant and onboarding expert. She is the founder of

Show Notes
  • 3:46 – How did Despina become a product-led growth consultant?
  • 5:00 – Actionable insights that Despina found after surveying 40 product-led organizations
  • 6:28 – What are unnecessary friction that marketers were adding in the customer journey?
  • 10:15 – What should product-led organizations be measuring?
  • 11:40 – What are the main pillars for product-led growth
  • 14:45 – What should companies be doing when transitioning from sales-led to product-led?
  • 16:45 – What are some misconceptions about product-led growth?
  • 18:34 – Which organizations are doing a hybrid approach of sales-led and product-led onboarding?
  • 20:08 – Should every company have some product-led growth strategy?
  • 21:08 – What are best practices for product-led onboarding
  • 23:34 – Why implementing product-led needs to be a cross-functional approach
  • 23:24 – Despina’s one advice to organizations who are trying to be more product-led
  • 26:34 – Where can people find Despina’s work online?


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