Six Ways to Crush Imposter Syndrome and Get S@# Done with Tiffany Da Silva – Growth Marketing Consultant and Founder of (GMT074)

70 percent of people from all walks of life, both men and women, experience imposter syndrome at some point in their careers. With over 13 years of experience managing multi-million dollar budgets in various roles, including Geosign, Achievers, and Shopify as Head of CRO, you’d think that Tiffany Da Silva, now founder of FlowJo, chomps on imposter syndrome for breakfast and rise to the top of the corporate ladder. But, deep down, she feels like a fraud. In this episode, Tiffany shares her own experiences along with the framework and tools she uses every day to crush it and get S@# done.

In episode 74, you’ll learn:

  1. How Tiffany get started in SEO by building an affiliate site for men’s razor at 9 years old
  2. Six ways to crush imposter syndrome and get s@# done
  3. Why most businesses need more SEO pages and not more blog post

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Researchers found that 70% of men and women feel like an imposter. Hopefully, by sharing my story, I inspire people. – @bellastone from @GrowthToday podcast. Get the full podcast episode 👇 Click To Tweet A lot of businesses are not ranking on search engines because they're only creating blog posts and not specific pages focused on keywords. – @bellastone from @GrowthToday podcast. Get the full episode 👇 Click To Tweet Don't rush things. Take the time to just learn now and create your own stuff – blogs, podcasts, videos. – @bellastone from the @GrowthToday podcast. Get the full episode 👇 Click To Tweet
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My Takeaways from This Episode

  1. Find your shine crew. These are the people who have similar goals as you. Form a group on Slack, WhatsApp or Facebook: discuss problems, share experiences, promote each other’s content, and have honest and transparent conversations to help support one another.
  2. Identify people you need to cut out or ignore. Who is the villain in your life? You need to set boundaries for how you’re going to deal with them.
  3. Visualize your race and visualize yourself winning it. People who envision their successes tend to be the ones that outperform their peers.
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About Tiffany Da Silva

Over the past 13 years, Tiffany Da Silva has worked in all facets of digital marketing including SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, and conversion rate optimization.

Tiffany’s experience has exposed her to the opportunity to work on over 500 websites while managing multi-million dollar budgets. Prior to consulting, she’s worked at various startups including Geosign, Achievers & Shopify as Head of CRO. She’s also worked as a Director of Strategy at the digital marketing agency. She holds an MBA with a focus in Project Management & Ecommerce from Norwich University.

She enjoys her teaching and mentoring startups and is currently an instructor at McMaster University teaching SEO & SEM. She has also spoken at various events including PPC Hero London, Conversion Jam in Oslo & Stockholm, Unbounce’s CTA Conference, 500Startups’ “Weapons of Mass Distribution” as well as many local meetups.

Show Notes
  • 5:27 – Tiffany’s career journey from starting an affiliate website at the age of nine to founding
  • 12:22 – What is and how did that come about?
  • 15:34 – What is imposter syndrome?
  • 24:36 – How do you crush imposter syndrome?
  • 41:00 – Why is it more important to create more SEO pages than blog posts?
  • 48:50 – What’s on Tiffany’s bucket list?
  • 51:10 – Tiffany’s one piece of advice to founders
  • 53:22 – Where can you find out more about Tiffany’s work and FlowJo online?


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